Have you considered Refereeing?

Well, maybe you should ----------

Sometimes we love them, sometimes we may even like them, sometimes we hate them  - well maybe not personally  but we can surely disagree with some of their decisions. Yet after all that  we cannot operate without them. Everyone  has a view on the rules and their interpretation - and at times we can't understand why the referee can't see things  from our point of view.

But of course lots of things are happening at the same time on the pitch and  a good referee wants nothing more than to allow the game to flow with the minimum of interuption - or listen to comments from the sideline - Oh no, I never did.

But, when in the course of a match, rules are broken, then the responsibility to call the shots falls on the man with the whistle - and he/she will  make a judgement call just as fairly as they can. Yes it is a big responsibility and he/she may not end up being flavour of the month - but somebody has to do it and generally speaking when the usual post-mortem is carried out - be it in the Bar or the dressing room - the  'doubting thomases' pretty quickly come to realise that  "Yes - on second thought's the referee was probably right that time". That's not to say the referee gets it right 100% of the time - of course not - he/she is human after all.

So do you think you have it in you to become a referee? Well now is your chance to dip you toe in the pool.

There is always a shortage of good referee's that's for sure and at the moment so the Branch is appealing to current players particularly but not exclusively so, to give the role some consideration.  If you click on the link below  you wiil have acess to a PDF file which will give you all the information you require. OK, yes,  maybe it's time to give something back.

Munster Association of Referee's