Underage Insurance

Hi all,

A matter of increasing concern for parent's and Skibbereen RFC is the question of Insurance to cover medical costs arising as a result of accident's that may befall a young player during training or in the course of a game. As a Club we are obliged to carry 'compulsory' Insurance as laid down by the National body of the IRFU and while this is very expensive in it's own right and does cover the adult playing section it does also cover Minis and Underage. That said it only click's into play for the very serious injuries - and I mean very serious - the kind we don't ever really want to claim for.

Realistically the medical expenses incurred by parents of active children on a day to day basis can be varied but certainly the risk factor increases where the children participate in sporting activities so it makes sense to look at whatever provisions are out there to minimise the cost of treatment if an injury occurs.  So to that end you should read the letter below and then discuss with the Mini and Undergage administration on the possible options. The present 24/7 cover as used in the schools is somewhat similar but do please read the small print to satisfy yourself that all sports etc are covered. Doctor's visits and Physio treatment can be expensive - not to mention other more complicated proceedures.

Skibbereen RFC actively encourages all parents to have suitable Insurance to cover medical expenses in the event their child receives an injury while playing any sport. It is very inexpensive cover at under €10.00 per year so please give it serious thought. Many of you will already have made provision for this form of Insurance through the Schools - we would be happy if all parents did the same.

Update August 2013: Below is a letter from Andrea Bland circulated about this time last year stressing the importance of Insurance for our kids - for an update on what is involved in this kind of Policy please click on the following Link - 2013 Chill Insurance 24 Hour Cover.


From: Andrea Bland

Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 11:29 AM 

Subject: Youth and Mini's Insurance


Dear Colleagues,


My name is Andrea and I am the vice-president of Rathdrum rugby club, Co.Wicklow, and also play for the ladies team. Today however I am contacting you regarding my day job which is marketing for Chill Insurance.


We offer a product called “School Insurance” which is targeted at the parents of children aged 3 to 20 who attend primary or secondary school, (excluding third level). This insurance is designed to cover children during all school based activities for only €4.50 per year.


However the reason I am contacting you today is an add on to this product is parents can purchase 24 hour cover for their children for only €7.50 per year. This covers them 24 hours a day and would prove to be quite an attractive option to parents of rugby playing children.


I have spoken to my committee and mini’s coaches about this and they feel that it would offer parents more peace of mind and security knowing that while their children are playing or training in rugby, they are insured by one of the country’s leading brokers. The policies are underwritten by Chartis Insurance, again giving peace of mind that we have the backing of one of the largest insurers in the country.

As all clubs have insurance in place for their players, this additional policy is a personal policy so would mean that the individual club is not responsible for doctors, physiotherapy or other treatments that may result of a slight injury on or off the pitch.


I am contacting you today to see if it would be possible to circulate the attached document to clubs, who in turn can contact me if they require additional information such as posters.  Would it be possible to mention this insurance policy on the Leinster website as well for youth and mini’s news? I can provide relevant images and text if required.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, or feel free to pass this information onto any colleagues whom I may have overlooked.


Yours in rugby



Andrea Bland t: 01 400 3411